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About Barking Riverside Apartments

Discover an unparalleled living experience at Barking Riverside, a visionary development poised to redefine urban living in Barking, London. Our Estate Agents Barking Riverside introduces you to a destination with up to 10,800 homes, healthcare, shopping, and leisure facilities. The pride of Barking, this riverside community is seamlessly connected, boasting step-free access and inclusive design throughout.

Architectural Excellence

Barking Riverside’s terminus station is a marvel of architectural excellence. A holistic design approach blends seamlessly with the viaduct, featuring aluminum vertical fins, Corten cladding panels, and expansive glazing. The exposed structural roof and façade frame echo the vision of a sustainable and visually-inspiring transport hub.

Design Elements & Innovation

The station’s design integrates expressive architectural vision with practicality. A fusion of translucent and clear glass, Corten cladding, and natural stone flooring creates layers of transparency and shadow. Collaborative work on MEP designs ensures a harmonious integration of service routes into a holistic architectural design.

Prime Location

Situated along the River Thames, Barking Riverside offers extensive views and protection for passengers. The station’s strategic location, linked by the Tilbury Loop line, connects residents to the heart of Barking Riverside, providing unmatched access to urban amenities and waterfront landscapes.

Luxurious Living with Maximum Luminosity

At Barking Riverside, luxurious living is defined by maximum luminosity. The architectural vision incorporates exposed structural elements and extensive glazing to provide breathtaking views of the River Thames. Natural stone flooring, sustainable energy through photovoltaic panels, and an emphasis on transparency and shadow create a living space that is both opulent and eco-conscious.

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Attractions Close To Barking Riverside Apartment

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Riverside Coffee Lounge (1 mint away)


Swan Lake Riverside Park (3 mints away)


Tafheem ul Quran Academy (3 mints away)


Barking Hospital (51 mints away)


Minter Road (2 mints away)

Super Market

Co-op Food - Minter Road (1 mint away)

Why Choose Estate Agents Barking Riverside?

Local Expertise

Local Expertise

As the trusted Estate Agents in Barking, we bring unparalleled local expertise to guide you through the intricacies of the Barking Riverside property market.


Building a Community

Barking Riverside is more than homes; it's a community. With schools, commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, and social enterprises, we've cultivated a thriving ecosystem for residents.

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Transport Solutions

We've collaborated with Transport for London to secure improvements to the rail and road network, ensuring sustainable transport solutions are at the heart of Barking Riverside.

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Private Rented Sector

Our landmark deal delivering the first Barking Riverside homes covenanted for private rental underscores our commitment to diverse and flexible housing solutions.

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Innovative Marketing

Estate Agents Barking employs innovative marketing strategies to showcase Skinner Apartments effectively, ensuring your property receives the attention it deserves.

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Why Invest In The Barking Riverside Apartments At Barking?

Investing in Barking Riverside Apartments is a strategic move for long-term gains and a sophisticated urban lifestyle. Managed by Estate Agents Barking Riverside, this visionary development offers more than just a home; it presents an investment in a thriving community. With up to 10,800 homes, healthcare, shopping, and leisure facilities, Barking Riverside is positioned for robust growth. The architectural excellence, sustainable design, and proximity to essential amenities make it an attractive choice for investors. Estate Agents Barking Riverside ensures your investment journey is seamless, providing expert guidance in navigating this promising real estate landscape. Explore the potential of Barking Riverside Apartments — where modernity meets smart investment choices in the heart of Barking.

What Our Estate Agents Barking Can Offer You

At Estate Agents Barking, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to your unique requirements:

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Selling Property

Unlock the full potential of your property sale with Estate Agents Barking. Our expert team employs tailored strategies for a seamless and lucrative selling experience.

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Trust Estate Agents Barking for top-notch letting services. Whether you're a landlord or tenant, our extensive network ensures the perfect match, making renting or leasing a breeze.

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